Zika virus: important notice

3 February 2016

To all competitors and guests attending the Barbados World Championships

There is much discussion in the media at present about the Zika virus, and the BBC has put up a detailed explanation of the virus and how to guard against it. Barbados is currently listed as one of the countries where the virus can be picked up. There are no travel bans in force and there is no planned disruption to the GP14 World Championships as a result of the virus. It is for each competitor and their travelling guests to assess the risks of contracting the virus and take whatever measures they deem appropriate. Of particular concern are the risks to the unborn children of pregnant women, and women who conceive shortly after contracting the virus. If anyone in your party is pregnant and intending to travel to Barbados, then it is recommended that that they seek advice from their doctor.

Full information including travel advice can be found in a number of places, such as: