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    Hello team, I’m new to sailing and need to insure my recent purchase a GP14 sail number 12650 I cannot find any other identification markings on the boat please help? (newbie so please be gentle)

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    Oliver Shaw

    According to my records sail number 12650 was issued in 1985.   But do check that the sail number is correct for the boat;   it is not unusual for older boats to have second-hand sails,  in which case the sail number may or may not have been updated when the sail was moved to a different boat.

    The definitive number is the registered hull number.  On Series 2 boats this should be carved into the aft face of the centreboard case,  just above the cockpit sole;    on series 1 boats it should be carved into the hog just abaft the centreboard case,  and you will normally need to lift a floorboard to see it.

    I can’t help with plastic boats,  except to say that with reasonable luck you may be able to trace a moulder’s plate or a builder’s plate.

    You could also ask the Association office for a digital copy of our records for your boat;  and even if the only number you have is the number on the sail you could at least see whether th records appear to be consistent with your boat.

    Beyond that,  if you cannot make a positive identification it becomes detective work!

    If she happens to be a plastic boat,  if you post some photos we can probably between us all identify the model and very possibly the builder,  and establish a date range.

    One of the best insurers of all is Craftinsure,  via the Association group policy.   They may not be the cheapest,  but they are undoubtedly one of the best,  and you get what you pay for.    It helps that their Underwriter is a sailing man himself,  so he properly understands the risks;   their claims settlement is first class;  and they are well used to the fact that with older boats some of the identification information may be lost in the mists of time.

    My personal experience of them,  over very many years,  has been truly excellent,  and we have built up a great deal of mutual trust.   Certainly in my case they are very well used to working with incomplete dating information.     Give them your best estimate of the date,  make clear that it is a best estimate,  tell them how you arrived at that date,  and what you do know and also what you don’t know.     I have done that with my trailer-sailer yacht,  and they are entirely happy with that.

    Hope this heps,



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    Thanks  Oliver! what a fantastic response, I shall further investigate this weekend, again many thanks.


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