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    I am the owner of GP 11013 fibreglass (would that be mark 1 or 2?? it has certainly never been updated) and the hull has been sitting on a combi road trailer/trolley for maybe 15 years in a not completely water tight garage. The tyre on the trailer (starboard) has weathered and I assume the port one is likely to be in the same state.   The mast which was too long for the garage was stolen from the garden many years ago.  The boat needs to be out of the garage in 3-4 weeks max.  How do I get rid of it?  I would be very happy to give it away for free – I am in Falkirk – (if someone could sort the road trailer or already has one and could uplift and doesn’t want the road trailer) – but how do I find that person??  Someone suggested that I might try Gumtree?  Or would the advice be that no one would want this and I should pay  (who???) to come and take it to the tip??  I would appreciate any advice.  Thank you

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    Oliver Shaw

    The sail number dates her as a Mk II boat.

    Although you don’t say so,  you imply that the hull (sans mast) plus distressed trailer is probably not worth very much,  and I think you are right there.    The problem is how to economically dispose of it.

    It would be worth contacting your local sailing clubs,  to offer her free to a good home,  and as a fall-back to request assistance in disposing of it.   If the trailer is otherwise sound,   you might be able to borrow a couple of wheels just for the journey,  by the good offices of one of your local sailing clubs;  equally relevant for a journey to a new owner or to the tip.

    You may be able to sell the trailer,  on eBay or otherwise,  with the boat on top;   make clear that removing boat as well as trailer will be part of the deal.   Advertise with a seriously low starting price,  e.g. £0.01,  and with no reserve.

    Before arranging to take it to the tip it would be worth checking whether they would accept it.   The hull is bulky and heavy,  and fibreglass hulls are not readily recyclable.   You may perhaps find that a tip somewhere in your area would accept it,  but this may not be your nearest one.

    Good luck!




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    The tip will take it but not in boat form. You’ll have to chop it up. They’ll take it because its better than you fly-tipping it somewhere which is what some people would do otherwise………..

    However it will have/find a use even if it never takes to the water again. Garden planter/kids play area etc etc

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