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    For a boat I hope to have back in the water in two weeks, you would never know it. I will let these pictures speak for themselves.


    forward "naked" spark

    "naked" Spark stern


    Tomorrow I start cutting new decks and will hopefully be fitting them by Friday

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    Oliver Shaw

    The proposed timescale is a monumentally ambitious target;     good luck !!



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    Chine down she is repainted, I did not bother doing from the chine up until the deck is on. I am running out to the mill later to get a few pieces of wood I need and then tomorrow I start tracing and cutting the deck.

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    Good luck Arthur.  Hope you managed to get a builder’s badge.  Disappointed you didn’t acknowledge my offer!


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    I cleaned mine up enough to be passable, Norman. Thank you.

    Spark now has decks. I used 6mm Okoume Ply. At the moment they are only roughed in, but hopefully tomorrow they will be attached and have at least one layer of varnish on them. Rather than copying the old deck exactly, I managed to trim the decks down to two piece per side, looks a little cleaner with two less seams in the deck.

    Once the decks are secured, I can finally paint the hull.

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