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      Chris Hearn

      UPDATE June 2020:

      Once Registered, if you wish to post on this forum, please email our office.
      All GP14 Members (i.e. who have joined the Association) will of course be given approval. Other subscribers may also be approved.

      We have been obliged to add these restrictions due to a recent increase in spam.

      I am sure you will respect normal courtesy when posting, so moving on…

      • Please post only topics relevant to sailing and GP14 dinghies in particular. This is a sailing website, not a general discussion forum, of which there are plenty of alternatives.

      A couple of tips to help you get the most out of our forum…

      • Writing a Topic or Reply
      • Use the editor at the bottom of the page – There are two tabs (on the right, above the edit area). The default is the “Visual” tab,  which allows you to see how it will look as you type. The “Text” tab is useful to see exactly what you post… (what? see below!)
        • Just typing, everything is fine, but be careful if you paste in some text (maybe from an email or your word-processor) – there will likely be lots of ” text formatting” hidden stuff in addition to the text you see in your email/Word doc.
        • Click on the Text tab before pasting text from elsewhere –  This will avoid lots of strange looking HTML “garbage” appearing in your post.
        • You can then return to the “Visual” editor to continue.
      • Uploading pictures
        • The maximum accepted file size of pictures 512KB. Many cameras and modern phones take pictures that are many time this size, but for the web we don’t need “print” quality, and excellent photos can be achieved in much less than this! (For example the slider pictures on the Home page are only 100-200KB, as are most of the pictures in our Gallery)
        • Before adding a picture you can compress and/or resize it using one of the below:
          • free websites such as (choose size=400px and jpg quality=85% will be fine)
          • For Windows download free software such as IrfanView (for Windows). or ( both good but a bit complex!)
          • For Apple iPad a simple (and free!) app which I have tried (at time of writing) is called “Compress Photos& Resize” -get it from from the App store (and in case you were wondering, I have no relationship with the author etc.!)

      Have fun using the forum!

      (The Webmaster)

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      What’s the best way to search the forum please?


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      Chris Hearn

      Now that’s a good point Rob! The current search box does not include Forum posts, and I guess it should, or we should have a separate search feature just for the Forum. It’s does not currently exist but I will look into this and see if that can be done!

      Thanks for mentioning it


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      A second vote for a forum search, please! Always useful, as many questions are possibly already answered.

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