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    Bob Bohme

    Any suggestions on stepping the mast single handed, would be most welcome. Thanks Bob


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    Oliver Shaw

    I know I have answered this question more than once in the past,  and thought I had written an article about it,  but I’m blowed if I can now find it.

    If time permits it is possible that I may be able to reply properly this evening;   if not then it will possibly be next weekend.  From tomorrow I am booked to do a delivery trip/cruise,  delivering an inexperienced friend’s yacht to his marina further along the coast,  and making a cruise of it,  and giving him some seatime and experience,  so all being well I will be away sailing until Friday  –  but at the moment the weather forecast is looking very “iffy”,  and final decision is lunchtime tomorrow.

    Feel free to remind me towards the end of the week if I haven’t replied in the meantime.




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    Bob Bohme

    Thank you Oliver


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    Oliver Shaw

    A work in progress:    I have now written an article on this,  and the first draft is attached.   (UPDATE   timed at 1223:  some minor editing now done,  and file re-attached.)

    This is very much a first draft,  and it could do with the insertion of at least one diagram,  and possibly with some tweaking of the text,  but I hope that even as it currently stands it may be helpful to you.

    You could be of assistance in the editing process,  by constructive feedback on anything in the text which is not clear enough.

    I will do some more on this article at my leisure,  and will then get it put into the Members’ Library,  but in the meantime I hope this is helpful.



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    Bob Bohme

    Thanks Oliver. Clear and understandable instructions.


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    Chris Hearn


    Excellent document, and I use that method on my wooden Mk2.

    One little addition to prepping the mast – before lifting the mast vertical, insert the burgee! Don’t be one of those in the boat park tipping the boat on it’s side just to add it later!

    I like the boat to be a little “bow down” on the trolley, so that any windage tends just to bring it vertical, rather than on top of me. And when lowering into the boat  I also find it easier to locate the foot before letting the mast back into the gate, which a “bow down” boat helps a bit. Before the shrouds and forestay are attached this makes it easy for mast to enter the gate. Then jump out and loosely attach forestay as you describe – (if forestay is too tight you won’t be able to attach shrouds in the right position) – several people use a bit of bungee in addition to the lanyard – this also stops the forestay going “too loose” once full rig tension is applied.

    Finally I personally also make sure the twinning line is in position behind (i.e. forward) of the mast foot – not such a big deal to re-run it afterwards, but every little helps.



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