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      Roy Robilliard

      Hi Guys,
      I have hull 13179 was built in June 1992 in Western Australia, it is a GRP version with large buoyancy tank up forward and buoyancy tanks down both sides to the stern.

      Originally build for a local high school for training and then found its way to a sailing club for training now I have it.
      The foredeck and Aft deck are both quite soft, they have a kind of honeycomb structure under the deck and over time this is separating from the outer skin.
      Are there any ideas in the forum on how I might repair or replace this?
      Thanks Roy

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      Oliver Shaw

      I am not ignoring you;   although I have something of a reputation for often responding to technical and workshop enquiries,  I just don’t feel that I have the specialist knowledge of your particular model to answer authoritatively   –  beyond,  of course,  basic GRP / epoxy repair techniques which are very well established and well published elsewhere.

      But I hope that others who may have expert knowledge of this particular model may come in on this request.

      If you get stuck,  it appears that you have some form of composite (foam or balsa core) construction,  and one of the many universally recognised authorities on epoxy repair work in general is the Gougeon Brothers,  who amongst much else offer some useful manuals:   here.

      Hope this may be at least some  help.



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      Roy Robilliard

      Thanks Oliver, I’ve read many of your responses and you certainly are a wealth of knowledge. I have had experience with GRP repairs on a larger vessel but thought it may be worth asking.


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      It hard to advise without seeing a photo

      Sounds to me like it may built out of core mat rather than foam sandwich. No GP in the uk is built like this but its cheaper, saves labour but basically is neither as strong or as durable. Looks like hexagonal/circular blobs of glass about 3-4mm across surrounded by resin in a honeycomb pattern. This is bad news. I’d live with it, fixing this is major surgery.

      If you have a foam sandwich boat I’d suggest the best way is to drill holes, inject resin and try to glue the sandwich back together before painting the decks to hide the fix. Polyester doesn’t stick as well as epoxy, and if they didn’t use enough when they laid up the structure the glass to foam joint is often the first thing to go.

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      Roy Robilliard

      Thanks Chris,

      It’s much as you described, almost like a big bubble wrap pattern and hollow. My knowledge of GRP is the only repair is complete replacement, so live with it I will.

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      Roy,  when repairing soft decked windsurf boards or other damage I have injected expanding polyurethane foam into the core. The under-deck area was open and not honeycombed so the foam could seek, fill and stick the area.  Just a thought in case these some way to access the area under your deck.


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        Roy Robilliard

        Thanks Windchippy,

        I had thought of that as a solution. With the hull upside down I can get reasonable access to the underside. of the deck so this would worth a try.

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