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      Has the GP association ever thought of a single handed class !  I don’t mean just sailing a standard rig alone, I mean a modified sail plan, smaller main sail marked SH and may be some sort of  self tacking jib. Lots of people stop sailing GP’s because of crew issues. This could mean the boats could be converted very easily from one class to another. We could use a handy cap system so double handed and single handed boats could race. I feel that doing this could keep more GPs on the water.

      Just a thought what does everyone else think??

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      Oliver Shaw

      For what it is worth,  before I retired from dinghies in favour of the yacht I regularly sailed my successive GP14s single-handed,  but I was prepared to reef as needed,  although I concede that this was primarily cruising rather than racing.

      My home club have an annual single-handed trophy race,  specifically for two-handed boats sailed single-handed.

      I am not aware that the Class Association have ever considered a specific conversion to create a single-handed class.   I may be wrong,  but I see no reason why the standard class boat cannot be sailed  –  and indeed raced  –  single-handed,  provided that any racing is on an equitable basis.   The latter might be a matter of establishing an appropriate Portsmouth Yardstick for the boat when sailed single-handed;   and the key to doing that is the provision of race results   …   …

      However it is an interesting proposal;   let’s see what others think



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