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    Please can you tell me the best way to safely secure my mast gate, which looks like this:

    I mean the right hand screw as this is the side which has the opening at the bottom.  At the moment it has a flat head screw at the front, a locking washer on each side of the deck, then 2 nuts on the other side of the deck, of which the rear is, I assume, meant to act as a locking nut.

    Would it be safe to replace the 2 nuts with a wing nut (I would still put a locking washer between the wing nut and hull)?  I’m asking as I think the current arrangement is not practical for transporting the dinghy too often.  A wing nut which is tightened by hand would put less pressure on the fibreglass deck and be easier to insert and remove than the current arrangement.

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    Oliver Shaw

    It is a lot simpler than you perhaps imagine.

    I appreciate that your boat is fibreglass,  but with a wooden boat I would say use two round head screws,  one at the pivoting end,  and one at the “latch” end;   at least 1 inch long,  and diameter to suit the holes in the gate.    Ideally also use a washer either side of the gate at the pivoting end.   The jury is out as to whether to use a washer at the “latch” end;   if you do,  it will spread the load of the screw head,  but it will also make it that little more fiddly to close the gate  –  unless of course you bond the washer to the underside of the screw head (Araldite,  or equivalent would be a suitable adhesive).    A great many owners use just the “raw” round head screw head,  with no washer,  at that end.   That concept may well be adaptable to your fibreglass boat;  I suspect it probably is,  but make up your own mind.

    If you are using modern rig tensions,  as I think your boat does,  you will find that when you first step the mast you cannot easily close the gate,  but once you apply full rig tension (via the genoa halliard) you can then quite easily close the gate  –  with just a modest push forward on the mast if need be.   With the mast fully in the gate,  and the gate closed,  the mast will be slightly bent;   that is intentional with the modern rig,  the mast is designed around this,  and it is known as pre-bend.   Welcome to the world of modern high performance rigs,  with bendy spars!



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    Chris Hearn

    As Oliver says!
    I also have a wooden boat – Pivot end a large round-head screw, other end I have araldited a “penny washer” to the boat, with another large round-head screw.Close the gate, then tighten just enough to give slight friction on the gate when closed Ditto the pivot end – tightened just enough to give a little friction.

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