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      Lee Russell

      <p style=”text-align: center;”>Hi folks,</p>
      Thanks for having me in your club!

      I have bought a lovely 1965 GP14 and look forward to sailing her on the Forth estuary.

      I am looking for some advice please.

      Where could I buy Skupper flappers for these holes in her transom? See attached pictures.

      Best wishes,



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      Lee Russell

      <p style=”text-align: right;”>Picture</p>

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      Lee, there are various methods of facilitating the emptying quickly of a GP14 following a capsize, and big holes in the stern is one of them. This is typically a response to the racing challenge of minimising the negative effect of a capsize; you pull the boat up, release the scuppers and scream off on a broad reach while the water pours out of the back.

      The round holes can be covered in Perspex, preferably clear so that you can easily see the trim of your boat while sailing. These would need to be made. I have seen funnels used, plastic round funnels of the right diameter, pulled through from the outside and held in place with bungee looped around a suitable hook on the floor of the hull.

      If this were my challenge I’d get two pieces of 5mm clear Perspex cut round and at least 15mm larger than the holes preferably larger.  I’d drill four holes at 0,90,180 and 270 degrees with the outsides of the holes at the exact diameter of the round holes in the hull. I’d feed 5mm elastic bungee through the holes in pairs with knots in the outside, and then using more bungee take the elastic to a suitable hook. The tightened bungee will keep the circles of Perspex centred in the holes and against the hull. This is not a watertight solution and you will need to keep your weight forward in the boat to prevent a trickle of water gently filling the boat. You can attempt to put soft self adhesive foam around the overlapping edge to make it less leaky, but the correct answer is to sail with the right trim.

      If her days of racing are over and you are planning to use your GP14 casually, piling a family in her and using her for adventuring, you can safely fill these huge holes and blank them off, and make sure that you have a bucket aboard for bailing should you capsize. You can then have more people in the boat without gently needing to bail.

      I hope this helps,




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      Oliver Shaw

      Good advice there from Steve.

      Just one thing to add;   if you do decide to permanently blank off the holes it is still worth using transparent sheet material (e.g. perspex,  or acrylic),  so that you can actually see the trim of the boat.   The aim should be to have the transom just clear of the water,  so if you can see water lapping onto the bottom of the scuppers you have your weight too far aft  –  which is a very common error by GP14 sailors.

      Bed the sheeting onto sealant if you want a permanently watertight seal,   as well as securing it mechanically.

      Welome to the Association,  and enjoy your new acquisition!



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      Lee Russell

      Many thanks Oliver,



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