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    Now that fall is well underway and winter not far behind, it is time to get down to the nuts and bolts (or at least the screws) of Spark‘s restoration and refit. As all the easily accessible screws are badly corroded and in bad shape, I am considering completely re-doing all her fasteners. As an older series 1 boat, I would like to know what size screws they would have used at Bell Woodworking before I start undoing them. Would these be #6 or #8 that hold the ply to the ribs and stringers?

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    From memory (but it was over 40 years ago) the panels were attached with No 6 screws, I’m not sure whether they were 3/4 or 1″ long.



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    Oliver Shaw

    I concur with Norman’s recollection.   My impression is that 3/4″ 6 gauge screws were the usual standard at that time (for securing the plywood to the framework),  but nowadays that size seems rather large,  and I would naturally think that 5/8″ 6 is a better size.    That is not necessarily passing comment on the choices made by the builders of that era;   I don’t think 5/8″ screws were readily available then,  but I think they are now.

    That is always provided that either the screw holes of the frames and stringers are in good condition or alternatively that you are drilling and plugging them to give a good new substrate.



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