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    Hi, does anyone know if there is a table available that gives approximate boat age against sail number?

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    Oliver Shaw

    I am not aware of anything covering the more recent boats,  but the data on the older boats is available.


    Around ten years ago the data was on the then forum,  and I copied that into a spreadsheet,  and during my days on Committee I periodically updated it from the regular statistics of new registrations,  but that as some time ago so it is now no longer up to date.    This can be found on the GP14 Owners Online Community site.


    It would be well worth updating it to the latest boats,  and then keeping it up to date,  and publishing it on the main Association website.




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    Excellent – thanks Oliver

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    Oliver Shaw

    For the second time in just under a week the Forum has been spammed by an organisation trying to market commercial essay-writing services,  this time in this present string.

    I have removed the post concerned,  and Members may rest assured that Moderators will remove all similar posts as soon as they come to our attention.   The Forum is most definitely not intended to be used as a free advertising medium for outside organisations that have no connection with sailing or the Class Association,  and which we do not necessarily wish to endorse!



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