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    After looking through the gallery here and doing a google search, I am not sure anything replaced the pictures I so carelessly erased from my camera concerning the hardware locations on a Wooden Masted GP. I am in the process of varnishing now, so soon I will be putting the hardware back on, but I need some pictures to show me what goes where and which halyard goes through it’s corresponding sheave.

    I imagine that the lower single sheave is for the spinnaker, It also appears to have a cam cleat below it. If the upper doubled sheave are for the jib and main, does it have cleats on the mast or are those the ones I recall being on the centreboard trunk?



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    I’m sure that one of the vintage enthusiasts will have appropriate photos but yes, the cleats may be secured on the sides of the centreboard case, I’m not sure if there is any particular convention as to which goes where.  Before the days of highfield levers and other tensioning machines, one approach for the jib was to attach a toothed rack between the mast sheave and the cleat perpendicular to the run of halyard and to apply exta tension by displacing the halyard out of line after getting the maximum initial tension direct on to the cleat.



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    I hope these picture can help you.

    At the bottom of the mast, there is a doubled sheave, for the main (starbord) and the jib (port). There is also an upper single sheave for the spinnaker, with a cleat on the centerboard trunk.



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    Many thanks, Jozef, I have never seen my boat rigged and there are few GPs in my area any more, so Rigging was looking to be an issue. Your picture helps immensely

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