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    1. Could anyone tell me where I can obtain a replacement wooden tiller for a Mk 1 GP.

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    Oliver Shaw

    For a simple,  straight,  tiller the cheapest way may well be to make one yourself,  and it is easy enough to make.   Dimensions are optional,  but 4 feet seems a fairly popular choice of length.   I have just measured up the slightly longer one of two which I have at home;   that one is four feet,  while the other is perhaps a couple of inches shorter.

    However if you want a very nice laminated one,  in alternate layers of pine and mahogany,  and perhaps cranked as well,  you could try Ben Dallimore,  or alternatively Douglas Boatyard.

    I attach two photos of the tiller which Ben Dallimore made for me a dozen years ago,  for A Capella.    I don’t have a photo of Douglas Boatyard’s work,  but they are a general boatbuilder,  and when I was visiting a few years ago and was in their chandlery I noticed and admired a nice laminated tiller which they had on the shelf.    I casually asked whether it was one of Ben Dallimore’s,  and was told no;   it was one which they had made for a client,  and he was about to collect it.

    Hope this is helpful,



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