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    I am putting a new deck on a wooden boat, but I need advice with respect to treating the underside of the desk before I glue it.

    The desk framework has been repaired, and the wood varnished except for the surfaces that will glue to the underside of the new deck. I am putting on a new tiger strip ply so want to ensure the underside does not absorb no / minimal moisture (cost to much to ruin) . I would normal think of just straight varnishing on the underside before I glue, but my concern is ensuring that the epoxy will form a good bond and that the varnish will in effect get in the way.

    Any advice on how to treat / seal the underside of the deck before I start gluing.


    Thanks in advance.

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    Oliver Shaw

    I have not actually done the job myself,  but standard advice for this job is to mask off the areas (of the underside of the deck) which will be bonded to the framework.   Then coat the rest of the underside with epoxy.

    Then glue the deck on,  using epoxy;   apply epoxy to both the framework and  the bare wood that has been protected by the masking tape,  and at this point it will not matter if you overstep the mark and trespass onto the area (of the underside of the deck) previously coated,  because epoxy will bond well to cured epoxy.

    Doing it that way you will have achieved an epoxy bond and also an epoxy coating for the whole of the underside of the deck.

    While the deck is off,  give some thought to suitably coating the whole of the exposed interior;   it is an unrivalled opportunity.

    Hope this helps,



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    I did more or less the same, but I covered the entirety of the new deck with epoxy in the morning and by afternoon, applied epoxy to the supports and mated the two. The epoxy on the underside of the deck was still fresh enough that it chemically bonded to newly mixed epoxy and glued itself down to the supports without worry. If you let it harden more than 24 hours or so, you lose the ability to chemically bond coatings.

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