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    Oliver Shaw

    We have on occasion had past Olympians prominent in the class.    Currently that includes our President (in the Dragon squad in his youth,  I think),   and almost also  –  on the cruising front  –  Steve White,  who in his youth was a viable candidate to represent us in FDs.

    But intriguingly,  I have long been under the impression that we have occasionally had reigning Olympic Champions racing GP14s,  and being defeated by “our own” best sailors.    But I would welcome a “steer” on who,  and when.

    Specifically I have the impression that Rodney Pattison may have been one such (Gold in FDs in 1968 and 72,  and Silver in 76).    Can anyone please check definitively did he ever race in GP14s,  and when,  and with what result?

    Intriguingly I also rather vaguely couple him with Peter Currie (GP14 National Champion,  1969).    Did Pattison perhaps sail in the 69 Nationals and get beaten by Currie???



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    Chris Hearn

    Hi Oliver,

    I believe Rodney Pattison was a past member of Budworth Sailing Club, so I have emailed some of the more mature members to see if anyone knows the history and his achievments

    Will add anything I find out


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    Oliver Shaw

    Thank you.

    Wikipedia gives his club as Ichenor,  at the other end of the country.    But both could nonetheless conceivably be correct.




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