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      I’ve just bought a very tired and somewhat broken GP14 (wood hull) with a sail number 8367, I have my hands full restoring her but it’s my summer project. I would like to know what year she is if anyone can help? There are no plates that I can find on the hull or other identifications. I would also appreciate some advice on where I may be able to get some drawings or pictures of this hull build? I believe this may be a series 1 boat?

      Many thanks for any help

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      Oliver Shaw

      According to my records,  sail numbers 8001-9000 were issued in 1968-71;   so 1969 would seem to be a very good guess for no. 8367.   However if you ask Julie,  at the Association Office,   for a copy of our digitised records of the boat this should include a copy of the original measurement form,  which should give both the date of build and the name of the builder.

      Before going any further with this enquiry,  though,  you need to verify that this is indeed the registered hull number.   It is the latter which matters,  rather than the number which happens to be on the sails,  because it is not unusual for older boats to have acquired second-hand sails at some point in their lives;   and when that has happened the owner at the time may or may not have had the sail number altered to the correct one for the boat.

      If the boat is made of wood and does not have under-floor buoyancy she will be a Series 1 boat,  although the converse is not wholly reliably (because a very few Series 1 boats have been converted to have under-floor buoyancy);   and Series 1 is also entirely consistent with this hull number.   In that case the registered hull number should be carved into the hog,  abaft the centreboard case.   You will almost certainly need to lift a floorboard to see it,  but once the floorboard has been lifted the number should be clearly visible.

      Officially the Association can still supply plans for the Series 1 boat,  although I am not sure how easy it would be to actually do so nowadays …    However you will probably find that you do not in fact need the plans in order to restore the boat.

      There is a truly vast photographic record of restorations and other work on these early boats available on the GP14 Owners Online Community site,     This is independent of the Association,  but we enjoy very warm reciprocal relations,  and each organisation supports the other.

      Best wishes for your project,  please let us know how you get on,  and do feel free to ask for any further help you may need.



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      Much appreciated help. I’ll certainly lift a floorboard and see if I can find the hull number.

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      Hi As Oliver says the office should be able to supply a set of drawings showing the construction details for a Series 1 boat – I still have a set of the plans I purchased a long time ago which could be copied if the official source can not supply

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