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      Any suggestions on what to go for for non slip paint?

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      Hi Alan

      I have used International Interdeck successfully on a wheelchair ramp and can recommend it, but, if all you are wanting is a small area on the floor of a GP, it would be an expensive answer.  Ordinary paint or varnish, dusted with dry sand before it dries will give perfectly satisfactory results.  Try to get a gritty sand, preferably sieved to ensure consistent particle size.

      Good luck


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      Or if you are concerned about weight, a coarse granulated sugar will do the job as well. It won’t dissolve in the paint if it’s oil-based, but it will dissolve in water, leaving a rough surface. Less hard-wearing than sand, but gets the job done. You can also get sandpaper-like strips to stick in areas of the floor where you’re likely to be treading, which is what I had on my Mirror.

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      Mike Senior
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