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    Spark, #5942, originally came with the bronze horse across the stern. Sometime in her past she was converted to the wooden one that allowed for a traveler. With the lack of a racing fleet in the area and my equal lack of interest in racing, I would like to return her to the earlier style horse. Barring that, specs so I can have one made locally.


    Thank you in Advance!

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    Oliver Shaw

    I am likewise vaguely looking for one for a similar project,  although in my case the project has temporarily stalled.    However I have got as far as obtaining a working drawing,  which I attach,  and which may help you.

    Note that although the width of it appears to be reasonably standard,  and this one looks about right,  I have occasionally come across examples which are both significantly wider than normal,  and others which are significantly narrower.   Since I seem to remember that Spark has the uprights of her original horse still in place it would be sensible to adapt this drawing if necessary to the dimensions set by your boat,  so that you can use the same holes in the deck.

    I also have,  and have likewise attached,  a photo of one incorrectly fitted (on the outside rather than the inside of the transom),  but it does show the entirety of the metalwork rather than only the part which is visible (i.e. above deck).

    Good luck.



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    Oliver Shaw

    However,  …   …

    I think the full width sheet horse,  with a suitable traveller,  does have a legitimate use even for cruising,  and particularly so on an older boat  –  i.e. an early rig,  as distinct from the modern rig with bendy spars and massively powerful kicker.   In stronger winds it allows the traveller to be let out to the full width of the transom;   this effectively “dumps sheet” to some degree,  which in stronger winds may be necessary when beating hard,  while at the same time keeping the sheet more nearly vertical and so flattening the sail and controlling twist.    And when off the wind,  when you need the boom further out anyway,  it is even more important to be able to control twist in the sail.

    On the modern rig,  the combination of a seriously powerful kicker allied to bendy spars will do that very effectively without needing assistance from the mainsheet,  but the early rig with more rigid spars and only a much less powerful kicker is not able to do that.

    That is why the full width sheet horse was developed.

    If you feel that your boat is old enough for historical authenticity to be paramount,  then the original bronze horse is undoubtedly the way to go;   and that is indeed the situation with my two vintage boats.   But if that is not a major issue,  and you want the best sailing characteristics,  then if you are ever likely to be caught in stronger winds  –  even if only occasionally  –  you may be better retaining your full width sheet horse.

    Hope this helps,



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