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    The laminated tiller on my GP 14 has delaminated for a second time.  Rather than repair again I think it is time for a repacement.  Can anyone tell me where I can get one please?



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    Oliver Shaw

    I was very pleased with the laminated cranked tiller and extension which Ben Dallimore made for me in 2006 for A Capella.   Boats & Tillers Scotland,  http://www.Boatsntillers.co.uk.    See photos.   However in a check a few minutes ago his website was not operating.

    I have also seen a superb one-off laminated tiller made for a yacht by Douglas Boatyard,  Hesketh Bank,  Lancs.,  http://www.douglas-marine.co.uk

    In either case they will make to your pattern,  and that includes cranked if you so wish.

    Hope this helps,




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    Oliver Shaw

    Another one found online:  http://www.tonymackillican.co.uk/tillers.htm

    And from the same blog another recommendation:

    Give Edward Dridge a call. Proper craftmanship and decent prices. He’s based at the Hayling Yacht Company. If you can’t track down his number I’m sure HYC will put you through.       No affiliation – just a happy customer”

    Hope this helps,



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