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      Hi, I finally get around to joining 🙂

      I have two GP14’s, a GRP (10562) and a wooden one (12447), the wooden one is still in a state of repair in the garage but I’ve had it for 20 years. Hoping to get that sea-worthy this side of 2024. The GRP one is so I can still sail and I’ve owned that for about 3 years.

      I am a member of a local sailing club (inland) and before I’m laid to rest I would like to get involved more with cruising and delve moreso into some shore sailing. I have sea-sailed before, but I’m going back 15 years or so, it’s always been inland waters since then, Derwentwater, Ullswater, Poole harbour and my local lake in the SW UK.

      I would ideally like to take the rest of 2021 to start preparations, using the lake as a testing ground, and then 2022 to start joining your cruising meet-ups etc. My next planned excusrsion is Derwentwater in September 2022.

      Thanks for listening/reading,


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      Oliver Shaw


      Welcome to the Association.

      When you are ready we would certainly welcome you to our cruising events;  although if you are looking for sea sailing I do have to say that,  exceptionally,  for next year’s UK National Cruising Week we are currently thinking provisionally of the Norfolk Broads.

      Hope to see you on the water.



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      Thank you Oliver for the welcome.

      I have never been to the Norfolk  Broads so more than happy with that 🙂


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