how old is my boat? GP14 4362

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    Revd Adrift

    I would love to know how old my new boat is. Its made by Bell with the sail number 4362 and its wood.


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    Chris Hearn

    I would guess around 1960, but Oliver Shaw has some (unofficial) records, so may be able to date the boat, and he is active on the forum.

    Also you may be interested in obtaining the historical paper information for your boat – if we hold it… see

    I shall enquire and let you know if I can establish more information for you 🙂


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    Revd Adrift

    Wow thats brilliant, thank you very much indeed! I’ll look into it – It’s older than I am x


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    hugh brazier

    GP14 4362 was built in 1961. First registered on 25 April that year, when building was said to be ‘in process’. We hold a small file on the boat, which you can have if you wish. See

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