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      I am trying to figure out when my GP14 was built. Is there a general register?

      Alternatively, can anyone guess when 13487 was built?

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      Oliver Shaw

      The information you want is already on this site,  in the Members’ Area;   see Members’ Library,  and then GP14 History.

      Sail numbers 13440 to 13507 were issued in 1996,  so if your boat was new when first registered  –  which is usually the case,  but not always  –  that will be the year of build.

      Exceptions occasionally arise if the first owner was a club or sailing school,  and did not register the boat;   and very exceptionally also if the first owner was a private individual but one who had no interest in the Association,  or in racing.

      You can obtain digital copies of such history as we have on your boat on request from our Archivist,  via the Association office.

      Hope this helps,




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