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      I have sailed a Holt Speed Mk 2 for a few years but never got round to serious tuning.  I had the opportunity to borrow a Loos Rig tension gauge at the weekend so thought I would see how the boat should be set up.  Although the gauge is metric, I think my mental arithmetic is adequate to tell me that 400 lbs is off the scale.  Am I doing something wrong or do I need to hire a gorilla to assist with rigging?

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      Mike Senior

      Hi Norman,

      Assuming your wire is 3mm in diameter, I think 400lbs is just under mark “28”.

      – image from flying fifteen site.

      hope this helps.


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      Thanks Mike, sorry for the delayed acknowledgement.  Perhaps I wasn’t looking carefully enough at the gauge, I could have sworn it didn’t read as high as the illustration.


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      [email protected]

      Yes the PT-1M is metric ie kilograms..So 400 lbs = 181.44 kilograms  Had me stumped at first whilst setting the tension on the shrouds, we just don’t like reading instructions do we.Paul

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