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      Having had foot straps made up I am now wondering best height from deck to fix them.  I am learning that there may be different heights for various situations. So I’m asking for a cruising situation and “L” plate sailers.  Pic. attached showing a looped rope to deck and looped shock cord to hold straps up, is this correct? or will a single rope and shock cord do.  Also best way of attaching the rope to the eyelet as at the moment I’ve temporarily looped and then knotted above the eyelet.  Am I right that very little tension is applied to the shock cord so as when stepped on the strap depresses easily.  Thank You.

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      Oliver Shaw

      That sounds a good start,  then see how you get on with it.   Make future changes if and when you personally feel that you need them for the sort of sailing that you do.

      Hope this helps.



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