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    Dunc Llew

    Have tried to fix a leak in a wooden GP by drilling holes around the Hog (from underside of boat) and filling with epoxy. After four attempts, it’s not worked! Any more suggestions? Number 12934 so probably not worth a professional repair so if I can’t fix, then it looks like it’s spares or repairs. Looked through previous postings but couldn’t find anything. Wondered if maybe the balers were causing it?


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    Oliver Shaw

    First,  please try to identify more precisely where the water is coming in.

    E.g. is it between plywood and hog,  or via a split in the plywood,  or between hog and centreboard case,  or through splits in the centreboard case,  or past the centreboard pivot bolt,  or via the self-bailers,  or via the transom flaps?

    One way to attempt to ascertain this is to get the boat fully dry,  remove the floorboards,  then launch her,  and immediately look to see where the water first starts to appear.    If that fails,  or if you need an additional check,  bring her ashore again,  put her on her launching trolley or otherwise support her,  get the outside of the hull dry,  then put a little water inside her  –  just two or three inches depth,  and see where it comes out underneath.

    Once we know where the leak is we may be able to advise,  but until we have that information there is not a lot anyone can do by correspondence.

    Hope this helps,



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