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      I’ve just been invited to take part in the RS400 Nationals in North Berwick, and was shocked to find that the entry fee is over £100 cheaper than ours, also for a five day event with lay day.

      I know a few people who want to do our nationals in Largs this year, but who were put off by the price. I considered pulling out myself before gritting my teeth and paying up, mainly because it is close by and I wouldn’t have to pay for long-distance travel and accommodation. Is there any reason why the event is costing so much to enter, compared to similar events in other classes? Are we getting anything in return for these steep entry fees compared to others? Could the high entry fees be hurting the numbers competing in the class?

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      Mike Senior

      The costing for an event championship is based on running a simple budget where the costs don’t exceed the revenue. I realise this sounds like common sense but it easier said then done when you don’t know how many boats are attending a championship. A target fleet of 50 boats was set for the Nationals this year and thus costs calculated as such. If we could have guaranteed say 80 boats the costs would have been lower, and more in line with other championships. However, following a UK worlds it is unrealistic to expect that many boats when a large proportion of the GP membership is based further south. It is reasonable to expect that not everyone will do a nationals every year and therefore we have to forecast accordingly.

      The cost per boat maybe a little more expensive than other venues but Largs is a professionally ran venue who have experience running top championship events. The cost of accommodation is also lower than if the championship was ran on the south coast. Whilst it very much depends on where you are travelling from it is likely that this championship will end up being good value for money once total costs are taken into account. It is also worth noting that the championship is a potential 6 day event so the Spare race day also has to be accommodated with Race officer, rescue all at a cost per boat. A full social program will be provided for the event in addition which will include perks such as drinks after sailing, a BBQ, entertainment and other activities.

      Obviously a great way to decrease costs would be to find a cash sponsor willing to spend a significant amount of money. This is however, extremely difficult in the present climate. If anyone would like to get involved on this for future championships, we are always looking for people to help

      Hope this helps explain.

      Mike Senior (Part of the Championship Committee)

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