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      Asking all painters, How do you keep dust out of the final top coats when finishing at home.

      Presently applying Top coats of International Perfection Pro which has a long cure time especially at 10/12 deg. C

      Having hoovered everywhere and then used a blower and then kept a fan on sucking the dust filled air out of the work shop for a couple of hours I shut down over night.  Tack ragged the hull next morning and roller away for the next hour and a half all the while moving carefully around  the hull. On inspection two days later the hull although so glossy has minute particles everywhere.

      Thinking of erecting a polytunnel inside the shed and over the dinghy. One end open to a window which will be covered with a filter and open the other end at the door with a portable fan facing out of the door ( sucking air )

      Wanting to achieve the best finish possible what else can be done to eradicate this fine dust.

      Thanking you for your answers.

      Dave R.



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      Oliver Shaw

      I think you have done almost everything that anyone without a professional paint booth can reasonably do.

      Your proposed air filtration system seems a good next step.

      If you happen to be cursed with a concrete floor you could also spray the floor with water,  just enough to dampen it.

      Beyond that,  I would put some heat on,  to raise the temperature and reduce the setting time and also improve the flow rate of the varnish.    I think that is probably the most important single improvement to your present arrangements.   Use a thermometer on the shed wall to monitor what temperature you achieve,  and aim for at least 15 dec C.   I presume you are using Perfection Plus,  since I don’t recognise Perfection Pro  –  and neither does the manufacturer’s website;   10 deg C is the absolute bottom end of the range for which the data sheet gives drying data,  and the “Some Important Points” section says “Best applied in ambient temperatures from 15 to 20 deg C”.

      Reducing the setting time will of course reduce the time during which it is vulnerable to dust settling;  and the improvement in the flow characteristics will also help to give a perfect finish.

      Either use electric heater/s,  or if fuel-burning ensure that all combustion fumes are vented outside the building;   that is not just a matter of your personal safety  –  although it is that as well,  but also of not contaminating the varnish while it is still uncured.

      Hope this helps,



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      Thanks Oliver,
      I have 7 tins of the Perfection Plus varnish to apply next month and all your comments are duly noted.

      I am presently using Perfection Pro paint. When searching International paints site choose pro painter not DIY painter for info.

      Temperature today was 14 deg C without any heating on which will give me a pot life of 5 hrs.  I have relaid floor protection over the vinyl floor tiles and hung 4 mtr wide polythene sheeting over and down each side of the dinghy.  Tomorrow will tell if this is a success.

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      Hear’s the follow up for interested parties.

      Polytunnel was placed over the dinghy and sealed to the walls each end of the shed.  I sourced a Sq. mtr. of air filtration material and fixed to a timber frame which was secured to the window opening. The fan was placed in the doorway at the other end of the shed and turned on for an hour or so before the second top coat goes on.  The result was no better than the first coat with bits everywhere. Suspected reason  being not enough airflow through the polytunnel.

      I contacted the people who sold me the air filtration material who suggested a thinner material with less resistance. This was duly fitted and a third coat was applied ( after rubbing down yet again ) The result was a little better but not good enough so after another two days it’s time to rub down for a third time.   The Perfection Pro paint is rollered on with no tipping off and produces a finish that looks as if the paint was sprayed on.

      Another call to the air filtration company resulted in me completely blocking off the door opening with polythene and cutting a hole just big enough for the fan blades.  Apparently air and dust was being drawn in above and below the fan at the door. By blocking this, air can only enter via the window filter.  This time with also wearing a paper suit was a finish that I’m willing to except, just as well as all the paint was used up.

      The Perfection Pro paint by International paints gives in my opinion a fantastic finish. It’s not cheap, approx £130 for a US quart (o.9 ltr.) of paint + one US pint of curing agent + one litre of the required thinners.  This give enough coverage for four coats. Full hardness is reached after 14 days.

      Cheers   Windy

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      The Door Fan

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      Last time I painted a car, I dampened the floor before painting.  Even if wood or dirt, it does help keep the dust down.  You do not need to soak it, just make sure it is wet enough to keep any dust stuck to it.

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