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      Simon Conway

      Hi all.

      Do you think it would be useful to create a Facebook page (as <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>most</span> people are constantly logged into it on their phones) specifically for GP14 cruising related topics, informal day sails / weekend away sails arrangements and events, that is for association members only?

      This forum needs to be logged in to and it is therefore easy to miss communication if you are not actively seeking it.

      I think it would help identify any ‘local-to-you’ members who may wish to participate in day sails or maybe encourage more frequent coastal sailing, or encourage club members to invite GP14 owners to their patch of water for a day etc.

      I would love to hear your thoughts and establish of it is just me that is thinking along this line or if there are others that would think a GP14 cruising Facebook page would be beneficial.

      Many thanks,


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      Oliver Shaw

      Personally I won’t have anything to do with Facebook,  for what I consider to be good reasons;   but I certainly recognise its popularity,  and there may be some benefit in setting up a Facebook Group for GP14 Cruising.

      Would you like to take this on,  in liaison with Frank (since I retire from office tomorrow,  at the AGM)?

      I have the impression that the Association already has at least one Facebook Group,  so you would need to also liaise with whoever is running that.   I can probably find out who you need to contact,  and let you know off-list.





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