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      Hi all,

      This is my first year as a member and I’m still trying to get to grips with the layout of this forum.

      Potential cruising meet-ups/events for 2022 – where would it be best to look for details or dicussions of such?

      I have used the search facility but for example “Ullswater” brings up an old post from 2016.

      Thanks in advance.

      Oh, and a quick P.S. (as I’m here typing away) – I would like to Thank Oliver once again for hosting and looking after us in Liverpool last weekend. It was great to meet some new acquaintences whom I’d like to meet again on the water somewhere. As I mentioned at the time, for someone who is usually a lone wolf GP14 user (at my local club) it was truly wonderful to be out on the water with other GP14’s – loved it!

      Simon 🙂

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      Oliver Shaw

      Glad you enjoyed last weekend.

      Upcoming cruising events will be promulgated in the monthly e-News,  and in Mainsail,  and on the website;   but they are still in the process of being arranged,  and I also confess that I have not yet fully updated the website  –  thanks for the reminder!    I have however this morning put a note on the Cruising page about the Ullswater event;   click on the About tab,  and then select Cruising & Vintage Boats from the drop-down menu.



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