Crew wanted for events. Lost mine to a Hernia

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    I have been off the GP14 circuit for aproximately 11 years now after I joined the RAF. I have purchaned a boat, sorted a crew (who now has a weekend job) and another crew who has been rushed to hospital after having a hernia.

    I am wanting to race at open meetings about the country. The boat and I are raring to go. There is only one minor stumbling block. I need a crew. (or i can crew my boat)


    I am happy to go out and race and fall into what ever position in the fleet. History put me winning Silver fleet at the Nationals way back when. I sailed for enjoyment but was competative at the same time.

    I am willing to travel !!!!! Pretty much every event is on my wishlist for the next few months till my crew is back.

    If you are wanting a crewing job or even in need of a crew and I will sit up front.

    Contact me on:-

    Email. [email protected]


    Mobile. 07939475127


    Mr Kim Pickering

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