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    Hi everyone,

    Was there ever a composite GP built, ie with a grp hull and wooden decks?

    Thanks, Tony.


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    Oliver Shaw

    Yes;  I think both Mk 1 and Mk 2,  and with a question mark over Mark 3.   And very nice they looked.

    However my purely personal view is that the primary reason for anyone preferring GRP is the reduction in the burden of maintenance,  and that from that standpoint the concept was arguably unsuccessful;   the main burden of maintenance with a wooden boat is surely the varnish work.    For whatever reason the production of composite boats was comparatively short lived.

    There is an excellent history of the GP14 hull published (for at least the second time) in 50 Years On The Wter;   there is a scanned copy on this site.



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    Thanks Oliver, you’re a mine of information.

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    Chris Hearn

    There are still plenty of Composite boats around if you like the look of a wooden deck – check out pictures from this years World Championship on this site, for example “Day 3

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    If you want a new composite boat Steve Parker turns out some very beautiful boats – I was there this week and they were fitting out a new composite in the workshop – not the cheapest but a good compromise between all wood and all GRP.

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    Oliver Shaw

    Interesting to see that the concept has come back onto the market.

    And with the benefits of epoxy sheathing and of 2-part varnishes the burden of maintenance of the brightwork is of course much reduced.



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