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      Oliver Shaw

      While I make no claim to special expertise in this area of human biology, other
      than as a physicist and an experienced sailor, I repeat this comment from part
      of a post this evening on Openboat. It makes good sense to me, and if it is
      right and if the situation happens to arise it might just save your life.

      “I have started to go for a swim every weekend to stay accustomed to the water.
      It might help me control the gasp reflex, for instance.

      “On an occasion when I capsized in April, I noticed the tendency to
      hyperventilate. I think it is a good idea to pause and control this before
      trying to right the boat. The body cannot lose all its heat in seconds.”

      I am far from sure that I shall take up swimming again, but the body
      undoubtedly cannot transfer all its excess heat to the water in seconds, and at
      least being aware of the gasp reflex and consciously pausing (briefly) and
      trying to control it before attempting to right the boat does seem to be good
      sense, and might just possibly be a life-saver.


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      hugh brazier

      Oliver – Indeed! The GP14 twitter account (@GP14sailing) has just tweeted about this too. There’s a good article on this and related issues on a British Columbia website here.

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