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    Hi all

    I just bought a GP14 boat and had the chance to trace the old owners to the son of the original buyer (he is currently 91 years old).

    He told me that he think his father had ordered this boat arround 1952 from the bell woodworking comp, delivery in 1953?

    He has no idea of ​​the nr of the boat but gave me an original cotton main sail with the nr 100

    Do you think this is the nr of the boat?

    I also have a full set of original cotton sails : jib, mainsail and spinaker but these sails do not carry any number or acronym (bell) of the class

    This person also has a lot of archives about the GP14 including mail exchanged with Jack Holt, I will share them as soon as I will be in their possession.

    Thierry (Belgium)

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    Oliver Shaw

    Congratulations;   you seem to have acquired a seriously early vintage boat,  together with full provenance and a lot of records.

    In these circumstances it is highly likely that the number 100 on the mainsail will indeed be the number of the boat, but you still need to confirm the number on the hull.   This should be found carved into the hog,  abaft the centreboard case,  and you will probably need to lift a floorboard to see it.



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