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      Or lifting handles as they are called on occasion.  I was wondering if anybody has an old wooden asymmetric one from a Series 1 boat laying about they wouldn’t mind parting with?  One of mine split and while I have it epoxied together, I would prefer to solid one.  All my online searches point me either towards shaping my own or the Symmetrical ones from the Wayfarer.


      Thank you ahead of time,



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      Thought I’d reply although I have no handles. It shouldn’t be too hard to cut and shape some new ones yourself. Go to the Wayfarers Association website and search Lifting handles and mast support, that’s if you have not already done so. Nice drawing/ photo of an asymmetrical handle for you to copy.

      Cheers   Windy

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      Hi Arthur

      If you can put some sizes on here and a picture

      I reckon I could make one for you

      If it’s the same as I have on my gp sail no 8629 ish I could maybe copy on off them

      Regards karle

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