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      Hi guys,

      Sorry I had issues posting earlier, details as follows.

      We have had an issue with one of the bailer in our boat, Duffin. It was stuck and in attempting to free it has accidentally been pulled out.

      The bailer is an Andersen Super Medium, inside mounted, placed in a recess just aft of the dagger casing. (1 of 2)

      The idea for a temporary repair is a bunch of duck tape, internally.

      For the long term repair the plan is a 3.6mm (possibly 2mm) piece of marine-ply West epoxied into the same location with screws in place. The bailer will then sit on this new mount, screwed in as normal.

      On the outside of the hull, to fill the ‘gap’ around the external bailer (due to the recessed mounting) the plan was to use some Teroson 620 to ‘fill the gap’.

      Do you think this approach is reasonable?

      The hull is newly painted hence we do not want to repair it externally.

      Any feedback and advice is greatly appreciated as I am new to GP14 repairs. Thank you and sorry about the formatting issues above, I can’t seem to delete them.

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        Oliver Shaw

        Apologies that I am in the middle of an intensive spell of examining work,  so I hope others will pick up on the repair issues.    If no response I will attempt to pick it up when I am less pressed for time.

        A brief explanation of your formatting problems.   These seem special to this site;  if you type up in Word,  or any other programme,  and then copy and paste you get all the formatting commands appearing as text;   result is gibberish to the layman!    Sorry,  that is just a characteristic of the site.

        Yes,  I know,  the Webmaster is keen to sort out this and several other issues,  but the cost of doing a proper job is very considerable.




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      Hi Laura,

      My GP14 is much newer ( No bailers ) so can’t advise directly but I’m interested in the replies you will receive. In your pictures I see the screws are still in place even  although the Andersen bailer is mounted from inside ?? If you did use the 3.6mm ply could you not recess this new piece into the original where I see the screws at the moment so as it didn’t stand to proud thus reducing the amount of filling required on the underside.

      The Teroson 620 you mention is a gel coat filler and depending on the depth of the fill you might be better off with the 610 which is for larger fills or if using the 620 build up in layers to the required depth.

      Yours and interested    Dave R.

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