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    andy smith

    Hello all

    I’ve just picked up a new project gp14, I’ve had three grp dinghy’s this is the first wooden one for me, seems pretty solid, less the mast which I’ll use an alloy one anyway, what sort of age would it be, its sail number is 767,  haven’t had time to look in the boat yet. Thanks Andy

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    Chris Hearn

    That’s an early one! Oliver is good on this, or you could ask the association if they have any records of the boat. I believe that boats 1-1000 were produced between about 1950-1956 so I would guess around 65 years old!

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    Oliver Shaw

    Absolutely.   With only one exception to my knowledge,  sail numbers 1-1000 were issued 1950-56,  but I have no information on the distribution within that period.

    Do check,  though,  that the hull number corresponds to the sail number;   it is the hull number which is definitive,  not the sail number,  because sails can be bought and sold second-hand  –  and when that happens the new owners don’t always bother changing the numbers.   The hull number should be engraved into the hog abaft the centreboard case;   expect  to have to lift a floorboard to see it.

    For fuller information on the history of your boat a starting point is to ask the Association for a copy of the official records,  now in digital format.   Beyond that it is pure detective work …

    Do have a look at the Cruising & Vintage Boats page of this website (under About in the banner menu across the top of the page).   We would love to see you,  with your boat,  at some of our events.




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