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      Chris Hearn

      Many sailing clubs enjoy racing, but starting a race properly ( giving accurately timed sound signals with the correct lights/flags ) can be tricky for club volunteer members who are not too familiar with procedures.

      The sailing ‘Race Control Box’  demonstrates a low-cost, portable unit that will help even novice Race Officers run races with confidence. It provides accurate timing and visible countdowns for the start of a race, with prompts on the LCD screen, and can have relay outputs to drive both sound and light signals automatically.
      It handles multiple flights (rolling starts) and offers 12 different start sequences to suit most situations including, of course, ISAF 541Go. It allows for Individual and Flight recalls, and during the race it displays “elapsed time” for recording results.

      The box can be contructed for under £100 in hardware costs, and the software is provided free!

      For more details see here

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