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      Oliver Shaw

      As most of you will no doubt know (says he in hope!),  next year (2020) is our 70th anniversary year.

      Strictly,  the prototype was built and the plans (subsequently) produced in 1949,  and one prototype (I have heard rumours that there may have been one or two others as well) was delivered to Dovey Sailing Club in November of that year.

      The prototype was tried out,  and despite the misgivings of traditionalists,  who were aghast with pain at a plywood boat,  and one with a wooden centreboard at that (“It will capsize as soon as the sails fill”),  it proved to be fully up to its proponents’ expectations.   Ten were duly ordered,  and the GP14 was born.

      During 1950/51 at least ten clubs adopted the GP14,  not only in Wales but also at locations stretching from the Hamble to Windermere.   It was then decided to form an Owners’ Association,  and the inaugural meeting of the Association took place at Drapers’ Hall,  Shrewsbury,  on 11th November 1951.

      Not surprisingly the birth of the class can therefore be regarded as having been spread over a two-year period,  from November 1949 to November 1951.   However we (the Association) have designated 2020 as our 70th Anniversary year,  effectively working from the centre of that period,  and a number of events and other celebrations are being planned.

      You will of course be well aware from both the website and Mainsail that the Association now own Pimpernel,  GP14 no. 2,  one of the oldest surviving boats of the class,  and most certainly the numerically earliest surviving sail number,  and that she is currently coming towards the end of a major restoration.   Among the Anniversary celebrations,  we plan to take her over to Skerries SC for the World Championship in 2020.   We are currently canvassing owners of other vintage boats;   if owners care to take other vintage boats to the event we would ask the race committee to provide a Vintage Regatta alongside the Championship racing.

      If you are interested,  please contact either Steve Parry or myself,  preferably via [email protected],  and ideally also indicating your interest by reply to this present post.

      Finally,  could I please all members to do what you can to help spread the word.



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      Is anything happening at Aberdovey this year?

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      Oliver Shaw

      I am not personally aware of anything at Aberdovey this year,   whether for Vintage boats or otherwise;   but it would be good to try to arrange something,  if it is not too short notice for the club there.

      Unfortunately I am largely out of things for this year,  due to unexpected personal circumstances.    But if you,  or anyone else,  would like to organise an event I will certainly assist with publicity,  and give you whatever help I can.    I suggest that the first step would be to contact the club,  and see what their programme is.



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