Testing Photo hosting options

Test sites for new GP14 Assoc photos.

ISSUE: Picassa was ideal, but Google photos is not so good – it allows people to “follow” and adds their profile pictures above the photo, which looks very naff, and seems no way to stop that!

So what other options are there that don’t cost a lot? Could we use Google Drive, or a Flickr account, or ImageShack ($4/month)?


  • We want to access pictures DIRECTLY from this website without needing a google/flickr account login.
  • We do NOT want people to be able to download the photos
  • What options will we accept for sharing?


A. Google Photos

Using a normal Link Google Photos, New Album link
Can use our own image as a link: Google Photos New Album



– we have created a new folder “pictures/test” on our google drive, to test access from our website…
– we have shared the folder with “view only” access…

BUT, using the link, it appears anyone viewing can download the folder.
If the link ends in “?usp=sharing”. we get a download icon on individual photos. Remove this and individual photos cannot be downloaded, but there i still a “Download ALL” for a folder download!

We cannot seem to stop this!

so seems no good, if this is actually correct (for people other than the owner).

Test 1. give an ordinary link to a google drive folder Link here
Test 2. We can add a (local WP) image to the above link,

which makes it look nicer on the website,

But doesn’t solve the dowload problem:

(there is a Download link at top right of the window)


GP14 Ireland
Test 3. The pictures folder (sharing=OFF) has 2 subfolders.

In “Test” visitors cannot download photos

In “Test2” they Can download photos (hover over the thumbnail)

But ANYWAY CAN download the whole folder for either!

Link to Google Drive Pictures folder

Link to Test Folder
Link to Test2 folder

C. Test Flickr  – using my own  flickr  account…

1. as an ordinary link to a flickr album: Link to my Fickr Sailing Album – cannot download photos,
BUT CAN share the album?
2 as an embed album link:

(uses flickr client-code.js)

The album and photos are set to prevent downloads.

THIS DOES WORK. Can view the album, or go to view all albums.
1. Cannot link to show ALL Albums, so we would have to
create separate website links for each new Album – doable but a pain!
2. BAD NEWS: As we browse an album, Flickr is inserting adverts –
This is a “free” issue –
PRO+ approx $50/yr

Q. What effect does SHARING the album have?
Need someone else to test this,(as I am flickr owner!)

USA 2012


D. ImageShack Test

Seems we can link to individual pictures, or one album, but not to the list of albums 🙁
Imageshack Link to Album
ImageShack Link to Test Album (private)
Link to Imageshack Album Test 3 (private)