2022 GP14 World Championship Entry

Skerries Sailing Club  August 14th – 19th 2022

Help us organise this event and enter before 31st of December.
If you already entered in 2020 – You do not have to do anything.
Please contact [email protected] if any details (sail numbers, crew names, etc.) have changed.
If you are no longer able to make the new date please contact the office to cancel your entry by the 31st of December 2021.

Entry Fees:

  • This website is only accepting DEPOSIT entries of £30.00 Sterling
  • Balance amounts should be paid (in Euros) directly to Skerries via this link
  • ENTRY: Please read particularly carefully sections 4.3 and 4.4 of the Notice of Race regarding existing and new entries.
    Discounts are available for Youth members, balance amounts will be shown on Skerries website

Please read the Notice of Race and Event Details before completing the entry form.



GP14 World Championship 2022 – Information:

NOTE: Skerries SC have requested the first emergency contact for your medical forms is someone land based and at SKERRIES during the World Championship. Please give some thought as to who this can be.

About Skerries Sailing Club,    Skerries Worlds-2022 information

Ferry Bookings

Ferry bookings can be made here: https://www.sailing.ie/Membership-Benefits/Irish-Ferries

Bear in mind that while these discounts are great, sometimes their “special deal” promotions they do can be cheaper, so keep an eye out for them too!


  1. All boat Helms must be current members of the International GP14 Class Association.
    Temporary event membership or Full Annual Membership can be purchased from our online Shop. See our website – www.gp14.org/Shop
    Competitors who are under 18 before and including the last date of the regatta must have a declaration form completed by their parent or guardian before they will be allowed to compete. This applies to helms and crews. The parental declaration form is part of the entry form.
  2. I certify that a valid Class Certificate is held for the boat.
  3. I certify that the boat is insured for a minimum of EURO 3,000,000 Third Party Liability Cover.
  4. I agree to be bound by the Racing Rules of Sailing, the rules of the International GP14 Class Association, the Sailing Instructions and the liability disclaimer therein and all other rules that govern this event.

Competition details and results will be available on the World Wide Web.
I agree for our details of Sail number, Competitor name, Crew name and Sailing club to be included on the web site listing. If you would prefer for details not to be listed on the web please contact the office.

Cancellation Penalties

1. Competitors cancelling their entry to the event up to midnight 1st May  2022 will be entitled to a full refund of all amounts paid, less an administration fee of £30. Cancellations after this date will incur an administration fee of £100.
2. All notifications of cancellation must be made in writing to the Skerries S.C before the date specified. An email will be acceptable as a method of communication.
3. Transfer of Entry to another Competitor
3.1 It is allowed to transfer an entry from one helm to another up until 17th June 2022, provided this notification is received in writing by Skerries S.C.  After this date transfers are not permitted, and the Cancellation of Entry conditions above apply. Crew changes are permitted at any time provided that they are in compliance with the Sailing Instructions and the Class Rules.

GP14 World Championship 2022 – Fleet Allocation Guidance

The Skerries Entry Form will include full Event entry details. This may include various categories of entry in addition to the below.

Gold Fleet: Will include those who:
Have finished in the top 20 of any National Championship ( with an entry of more than 40)
Have finished in the top 15 of any National Championship ( with an entry of less than 40)
Are considered a professional sailor
Silver Fleet: Will include those who:
Do not qualify for the Gold Fleet
Have finished between 21-30 in any National Championship ( with an entry of more than 40 )
Have finished between 16-30 in any National Championship ( with an entry of less than 40)
Bronze Fleet: A bronze fleet competitor
will include those who do not qualify for the Gold or Silver Fleet

Note: You can select your preference of Fleet but ultimately the decision is at the Championship Committee’s discretion

GP14 World Championship 2022 – Special trophies

A number of special trophies will be awarded at the 2022 GP14 World Championship. Your eligibility for most of these is clear from the entry form, but it would help us greatly if you could indicate on the form above whether you are eligible for any of the following:


  • The Bell World Trophy: First Overseas Helm
  • The Bells of Aberdyfi Presented by Roger Owen: Helm and Crew aged 45 yrs of age or over on 1st January in the year of the Championship
  • The Ladies Trophy: First Female Helm
  • Young Competitors Trophy: Combined Helm and Crew ages under 45 yrs on
  • 1st January in the year of the Championship
  • The Association Youth Trophy ( Helm ): Helm under 22 on 1st January in the year of the Championship
  • The Association Youth Trophy ( Crew ): Crew under 22 on 1st January in the year of the Championship
  • The Worlds Ton Up Trophy: Combined ages of Helm and Crew of 100 or over on 1st January in the year of the Championship
  • Endeavour Trophy Presented by Geest: Last placed competitor who has completed all 9 races


Event Entry

Deposit (before 1st April), Adult GP14 member, Youth Helm GP14 member, Youth Helm+Crew GP14 member