Mounts Bay Sweepstake

Who do you think will win the World Championships?

Shane McCarthy and Andy Davies - winners of the 2016 Worlds

Our Mounts Bay Sweepstake

Is just for fun and entirely free!

Forecast your top 10 for the GP14 GUL World Championships. The winner will receive a large bottle of Champagne

Those eligible to enter are:

  • All GP14 Association members
  • Anyone travelling to Mounts Bay for the event, either competing or support crew
  • Anyone completing a form at the Alexandra Palace Dinghy Show in March.


How to enter – Just complete the online form below!
Forecast your top 10 by entering the helm names from the Entry List, add your name and email address, then press “submit” – Easy.
As entries come in we will publish the favourites on our web site.

Enter now and remember – It’s just for FUN !!!!!


  1. As it’s an essentially a fun free on-line sweepstake, we will not be mailing out entry forms.
  2. The entry accruing the highest aggregate points from forecasting the top 10 positions from the final official results at the World championships will be declared the winner
  3. Each position correctly forecast attracts different points – see on-line form for details.
  4. We have included a box for forecasting 50th place. In the event of a tie, the entry that most closely forecasts 50th place will be declared the winner.
  5. The sweepstake will close at midnight on Wednesday 25th July 2018.
  6. The prize will be awarded as soon as possible after the conclusion of the World Championships.