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    Last year I bought a wooden hulled GP14, and am planning to sail her this weekend on Bala lake.
    However, over the winter some gaps have opened up between the side deck panels and the cockpit edges.
    Do I need to fix these before sailing her?  i.e. will the decking be permanently damaged if water gets into these gaps?

    Thanks for your help and advice 🙂




    I don’t think one weekend will cause prolems, dirt is potentially more a problem than fresh water in that it may interfere with an eventual repair.  If you want to take precations you could apply a strip of waterproof tape over the gap(s).

    Enjoy the weekend, Norman


    Oliver Shaw

    Norman beat me to it,  but I concur.    And certainly I would use the waterproof tape if you intend sailing much more than just this first weekend before you start repairs.


    Then you can do a proper job over the winter.






    Thanks Norman, Oliver 🙂

    Appreciate the advice.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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