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    Just had a part good days sailing, managed a good place in then first race but couldn’t start Race 2 as the under deck genoa track support, anothner piece of untreated wood collapsed so that we were unable to sheet the genoa in to sail to windward.  When on shore and able to examine the situation the plywood to which the track is bolted with two stainless bolts with rusty ordinary steel washers under the head had disintegrated and was rotten.  Looking at the other side showed that this piece of ply had also gone rotten and the track was holding on with a small piece of glass fibre.  A photo of the tracks and the rotten plywood is attached.

    This is a very difficult part of the boat to get at!!  My only idea for a repair is to clear out as much of the old plywood as possible, cut a new pies of ply which will be coated with epoxy resin to seal it, then to fit the new ply and the track to the underside of the deck by bolting through the deck with a pair of long counter sunk headed bolts or possibly pan headed with a large washer to spread the loads.

    i would like to hear from any other owners of Speed boats who have experienced problems with rotten plywood problems and how they have solved the problems.  If you don’t want to make an open reply email me at scorbet@btinternet.com.

    Thanks Steve




    Since writing about the problems with the genoa track supports, I spoke to Steve Parker who suggested I look at some other areas of wood for rot.  The worst rot now discovered is the wood supporting the mast step, echos of the problems we had with the Series One boats when the keel / hog failed under the mast step, at least these were repairable without major surgery.

    Now trusting my boat to Steve Parker for repairs to allow at least a few more years racing.



    It’s surprising how many bits of plywood there are around a Speed GP!  There’s another at the transom end of the ‘keel’, by the bung hole.  That rots in time, allows the bottom of the boat to crack, and another spring leak! into the double skin.   After sorting that  mine (13558) has been dry, apart from one too many bashes to the bow, and a leak behind the bow protector – a Welsh Harp modification by the way!



    Hi, to those who have followed the problems with my Speed GP.  I have just picked it up from S P Boats where Steve Parker and Glynn have carried out the major surgery to remove and replace the rotten plywood used in  the original construction replacing it with good quality coated plywood.  The work is not easy,  but I am very pleased with the quality of the work I can’t see the joins where they needed to cut out the hull structure.  Thanks guys you have restored the boat for some more racing.





    Oliver Shaw

    Well that’s a bit of good news for you.    Glad you have been able to get it sorted out.



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