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    More help sought, having at least part sorted the water in the buoyancy tanks I slipped in the boat onto the aft side bench which cracked and split close to the aft support.  Investigating the damage I find the the side bench is a sandwhich of fibre glass and plywood. The plywood I’d saturated and rotten !! Obviously why the side bench failed as the internal strength had gone.

    Have others suffered similar problems? And if so what method has been used to repair the side bench?

    I was first planning to insert a new piece of ply bonded with epoxy with a piece of solid hard wood bonded under the bench onto the stub and the aft support, after drying out the whole area. This will be fiddly as it means working in a small space between the two piece of the fibreglass

    Another thought is to cut out the top of the side bench – makes the working space easier but bonding back the top piece to the inner side of the deck concerns me that there may not be enough strength in the joint.

    has anyone done this repair and if so how did you approach it?




    So that anyone who reads this understands the problem, after taking out the rotten plywood which was obviously not marine ply I have managed to insert a new piece of 10mm marine ply which was first sealed with West epoxy, bonded this to the two fibre glass parts of the bench making sure that the afte end was on the support.  A second reinforcing piece of ply has been bonded to the underside of the side bench.  The gel coat damage and cracks were ground out and filled with gel coat filler rubbed down an polished as best I could the blend in with the undamaged areas, you now have to look hard to see the damage.

    The question is what state are the benches in? I don’t want to pull them apart but will be very wary of any cracks or signs of movement.

    Suggestion to owners of Speed boats of similar age check the condition of your side benches and if you see any delamination of the side deck mouldings get something done soon as possible.



    After sailing last weekend I noticed that the bottom rudder pintle was loose.  When I investigated I found that the piece of plywood which had been placed inside the transom to strengthen the rudder fixing area was rotten and I was able to pull away large handfulls of wood.  The bolts securing the pintle were loose because they had lost their support!  In the short term I have managed to add a spreader plate inside the transom and have tightened the bolts.  Later I will remove the hatch frame to get a bit more space for hand access and will replace the rotten wood with a new piece which will be first epoxy sealed.

    I would suggest other owners of Speed Epoxy boats to check this area and the condition of the plywood strengthening backing to the rudder fixings as this cab a hid stress area.

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