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    I am just saying hello.I have bought a Gp14 as my first boat.I have hired cruisers on the Broads for many years but after hiring a tow along sailing dinghy for evening fun,we found it more fun than during the day.My Son joined his Uni sail club and Now we are booked for parts 1 & 2 of the RYA course in July.

    In a moment of madness I bidded on a Gp14 and won her,she is Hull and sail number 9098.

    My untrained eye can see she needs a bit of work as some previous front end damage has been repaired with alot too be desired!

    I feel happy to own her despite her faults and look forward to helping keep her alive and cruising.I will add a pic from my phone.

    The battens have ‘Bala sc’ as a clue to a previous life which I Googled and see this is a North Wales sailing club.

    And so the story begins.

    Mike Parkinson…



    Hopefully a pic or two.


    Oliver Shaw

    Welcome aboard,  and enjoy your RYA Course!

    Keep us posted.

    If your interest lies in cruising I am sure that you will find the various cruising events run by the Class Association most enjoyable.    Good camaraderie,  plenty of very expert advice readily on tap and plenty of enthusiastic support for a relatively inexperienced newcomer,  and glorious sailing in some great surroundings.






    Try again.

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    Thank you.

    I live in North Yorkshire and hope to tow her to lots of different areas with the campervan shown behind.I look forward to the Scottish lochs too.


    Oliver Shaw

    As a PS.   What is the distinction of categories of people who post on the Forum,  and how are they determined?

    I ask because as a longtime member of the Association,  and a past Committee Member and a past Cruising Rep,  amongst other things,  I am listed as merely a “Participant”,  while Mike  –  who by his own introduction is a newcomer with his first boat  –  is listed as a Member.

    It is not a major issue,  but it would be nice to know how the system works  …




    I don’t know if it answers your question but with the knowledge and benefits I would be gaining here I thought it only fair to contribute back so I joined as a member and paid the fee.


    This only explains why I show up as a member but with your history  I would put participant above a mere member.

    Anyone can be a member but to participate in spreading your experience to others cannot be belittled by interpretations of meanings.Knowledge is hard earned and priceless to some of us.


    Oliver Shaw








    Hi Mike,

    Welcome aboard.  Like you, I somehow suddenly acquired my GP14 – all a bit hazy.

    and yours was an earlier one than mine so no guarantee that they would be in the same place.



    er, that second line came from where?

    Apologies must have ctrl-v’d it somehow!


    Well,we towed her 200miles to Upton dyke in Norfolk.Had a sail on Sunday to Acle bridge with the wife and one of my Sons and upon mooring I found out the hard way about balancing the boat and capzized her.I had to learn how to right her which we did and was thankfull I had the sense to fit a bilge pump before our holiday.Sailed back ok.

    We started our part 1 &2 RYA sailing course at Eastwood whelpton on Monday and am having a wonderfull week so far learning to sail on a 22foot half decker called Ragged Robin.We even got allowed half an hour round Ranworth broad tbis evening on our own without the instructor onboard.Level two starts tommorrow.Any novices fancy a weeks course on a slightly larger boat I would definately recommend them here.Camping on site too or hire a bigger boat and incorporate a weeks holiday in the course.

    I feel so much more confident already after two days.Wish me luck for the next three days!


    Well,I now know after getting the paper info from the club that she was made by Clough&Gaskell (Qualcraft)in Wigan in 1971.Her name was originally Snoopy so that might get reinstated as we don’t care for her existing name.I’ve found a nice brochure from Qualcraft on ebay listing other dinghies they built too.Nice to have a bit of nostalgia.

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