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    I’ve just fitted one traveller/fairlead on the side deck as per my previous post (I was heartened that they are in the right place as there are a series of holes plugged with possibly factory blue gelcoat).  As I was doing this a chap who races a new Wayfarer suggested that I put them on the seats as is now done on Wayfarers as it gives a better sheeting angle.

    I have read the CA Rules and it doesn’t specifically cover this other than:

    “Foresail fairleads may be fitted anywhere on the side decks but may not overhang either inboard or outboard.

    It is not specifically excluded but does “may be fitted on the side decks” mean “must”?  I’ve looked at photos of new boats & can’t work it out.

    Many thanks





    Oliver Shaw

    An interesting interpretation.

    I suspect that this will have to be determined by David Rowlands,  Chairman of the Technical & Rules Committee.






    The rule is as it says that the foresail fairleads MUST be fitted on the side deck, if as with modern boats and conversions applied to older boats the fairleads or the first turning block is under the side deck it still complies with the rule to be fitted on the side deck.  The jamb cleats may overhang the inside of the side deck and if fitting under deck sheeting the cleats are sometimes fitted to the thwarts.  Fitting the fairleads on the thwarts may be ok for Wayfarers and other boats that do not have overlapping foresails as these can be sheeted inside the shrouds but the overlapping genoa used on the GP14 needs to be sheeted outside of the shrouds.  If you are using a midi genoa or one of the original jibs thes can be sheeted inside the shrouds and you would need to fit a second inboard track for your fairleads if you want the option to use either type of foresail, or you could just fit a track as close to the inboard edge of the deck as is possible.

    One other point to note is that it is essential that the foresail tracks are bolted through the decks with a piece of wood under the deck to spread the loads.






    Thanks for this.  It did half occur to me that the Wayfarer had a jib rather than a Genoa & what about the shrouds but it didn’t really crystallise.

    I have fitted these now, possibly sub-optimally a bit far out  as the track is about 15mm in from the deck edge which puts the cleats about in the centre of the deck.  I have used  aluminium angle backing plates salvaged from an old GP which had Tufnol tracks.  Aluminium must be better than hardwood.

    One thing I don’t understand is that if the variable position of the fairlead is advantageous, what is the bigger advantage of dispensing with this gain, to have the sheet disappear down a (fixed-position) hole in the deck, as modern boats do?





    Position: how bad is this? Is it worth moving them inboard?  I can’t see that you can reduce the sheeting angle as it has to go round the shrouds.



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