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    How do all!

    I’ve been given 13462 a great Duffin boat that unfortunately has spent the last 5-6 years sitting in the dinghy park which has taken its toll on the decks, part of the gunnel and the bottom of the transom.

    Now the decks are coming off nicely and more importantly intact but the layers that build up the gunnels are beyond saving.

    Does anyone know what woods Duffin used for the gunnels underneath?

    Also has anyone converted their mid 90’s boat to through deck sheeting?


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    Moving forward




    i will try to give you some answers based on my own experiences of many years maintaining various Series 1 GPs.  I am presuming that with hull number 13462 yours is a Series 2 hull with built in underfloor and side tank buoyancy.  Duffin boats normally have a white or very pale stip inside the outer gunwale of mahogany, this pale wood is usually obeche, if you can’t get obeche any other straight grained softwood can be used.  Make sure you seal all old bare areas and all new wood with epoxy as you rebuild to make sure your new work is durable.

    Fitting through deck sheeting can be done, much easier if you have the decks off and are replacing the ply.  You will need to fix a track with a block set vertically under the slot that you will cut in the deck.  The slot normally runs along the line of the old track but is much shorter than most tracks.  You then will need one or two turning blocks and a mounting for the jamb cleat at a suitable position.  The best way to plan is to go to your local GP club and look at the arrangements on some newer boats, there are several arrangements.  I have done the job on a Series 1 boat and have some pictures showing how I went about the project, I can send these if you email me scorbet@btintetnet.com




    Hi Steve

    You could do worse than contact Alistair Duffin direct, I’ve found him very approachable and helpful.




    Hi Guys

    Thanks for the replies, I never thought of phoning Alister.

    I’ll have a look at Shotwick or West Kirby I’m sure someone will have a series 2a up there.

    In the mean time have some more pictures




    My Duffin MK11 (13515) was converted to through deck sheeting by Steve Parker ….. made a cracking job of it too.




    Latest photos.

    Anyone coming to Southport this weekend?



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    Hi Steve,

    Great photos. I have the same job to do on 13420. Just wondering if you sorted out your gunwale issue?

    13420 has suffered a very similar fate to 13464. Transom is intact, aft and side deck have lifted. Foredeck is solid. Mast chock has split in exactly the same way as yours! Hull is solid.

    The “cappings” of the gunwales and inwales have lifted off. The angular section (the one screwed to the hull) that the cappings are glued to is solid and intact.

    I’m finding the prospect of building those cappings a bit daunting. How did you get on?


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