Southern Travellers

Date(s) - 27 Sep
All Day

Hampton SC


HSC GP Open 27th September


At this stage we do intend to hold an Open but the Committee has agreed for all Opens to be limited to 13 entries thus 26 sailors and 4 Duty team thus keeping to 30 people. No spectators will be allowed on the Island and Clubhouse but could watch from the Surrey Bank opposite.


The NOR, Supplemental COVID Instructions and other information as below.
Priority will be given to HSC boats and London & South East Area Traveller Clubs. We anticipate up to 8 HSC boats so we may only have 5 places to allocate to visitors.


If, as I suspect, we have a large number of requests for places we will allocate these on Sunday 13th September after the Enterprise Open once the Committee considers that COVID precautions were safely adhered to at that event. If there are more requests than places available I think it fairest to pick the places out of a hat.


Sorry it is very restricted but our Island is small and it will be difficult to accommodate any further boats and comply reasonably with Government restrictions and RYA Guidance.

Happy to receive indications of Boats wanting to attend. Please email details to include


Boat Name & Number
Full Details of Helm & Crew
Home address
Contact Number
E-Mail Address.


George Bell Email: Supplementary Sailing Instructions for GP14 Open Meeting 27th September 2020 (Covid)

NOR GP14 2020- As amended for COVID 19

HSC-SI 2020 GP 14 Amended for COVID 19-Limited Entry