Barbados GP14 Fleet getting ready for the Worlds

One of the aspirations of the Association is to leave a legacy in Barbados after the Worlds and ensure there is another little corner of the globe sailing our fantastic boats.

Barbados Yacht Club were recently sent a consignment of boats that needed a little TLC and that the locals needed a practice in. We have had an update, and some fab pictures, through this week from Gus at the Club:

Today we had our second GP14 regatta sponsored by Taylor’s Cycle Centre. Our first effort on January 30th only had 3 boats ready to compete, today we had 6, though not all completed the 5 scheduled races. Winds were light for us at ten to twelve knots.

Most of our GPs were in rough shape on arrival and it has taken some time and effort to get them up to speed. But as you can see from the photos in the attached link things are looking up. We have struggled to get parts and especially spinnaker poles, but where there is a will there is a way and by next weekend we hope to have 10 GPs in good racing shape.

Racing today was dominated by three crews each of whom won at least 1 race and competition was close as we work on getting the rigging and tuning right. The top 3 crews were;

• Jason Tindale and Robert Povey 14178
• Charlie Gloumeau and Neil Hutchinson 12152
• Joanne Lammens and Adrian Ramsey 12515 (sail no. 8605)

My thanks to Peter Marshall for the photos in the link below.

Taylors Cycle Centre Dinghy Regatta GP14 Class

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